We can make whole body silicone model.
We can make silicone foot and silicone legs, hips, then we can surely make silicone human body, the Technology is the same.
I have to say, and this is very important, and maybe you have found that our silicone products are much more better than the US's, JAP's, we are exquisite! although you focus your eyes onto the skin-print. we are fine and smooth, we are minute, awesome and amazing.
If you need a whole female body silicone model, you found the correct place.

Want to make your own silicone foot, legs or body?
Contact us, We will show you how to do.
First of all, to make your own silicone body parts cost much more money than to buy silicone products directly from us. However, if you insist to make your own products, then read the follows:
There are 2 ways to make silicone body parts.
one way, you come to our workroom, and we are in China.
2nd way, you make a special mold, and send to us. We will send you a video to teach you how to make the mold. Then we can make your things.
Please feel free to contact us.
You are always welcome!