We can make whole body silicone model.
We can make silicone foot and silicone legs, hips, then we can surely make silicone human body, the Technology is the same.
I have to say, and this is very important, and maybe you have found that our silicone products are much more better than the US's, JAP's, we are exquisite! although you focus your eyes onto the skin-print. we are fine and smooth, we are minute, awesome and amazing.

Currently, there are two ways to create a complete silicone body.
One way is to make a mold from a real body, and then pour the liquid silicone in.
However, there is an insurmountable problem here. The structure of the human body dictates that it is impossible to remove the real body out without cutting the mold open. but if we cut the mold open, the mold will never close seamlessly. so when we use the mold to produce a body, there will be a few ugly lines on the silicone body.
I am a perfectionist, I can't stand these lines.
Another way to make a whole silicone body is using 3D printer. Use a 3D scanner to get a model of the perfect body. the shape of the body is perfect, but the details are not as clear as the 1st way. For example, you can see the major palm lines on the palm of your hand, but you can't see the subtle skin texture.
Printing large models with 3D printers must use supports; otherwise, the models will collapse, so soft silicone cannot currently be used to print complete human bodies.

I personally believe that the most perfect complete human body that can be made using current technology is this one as follows:
whole body silicone dolls