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Then you get an affiliate link as follows:(for example) (19 is the aff ID) (19 is the aff ID) (19 is the aff ID)
... any web page + ?aff_id=19 (19 is the aff ID)
(*if you think the link is too long, you can change it into a short link via twitter. here is how to do it:)

put the link on your web, such as blog, vlog, youtube, twitter, facebook, forum, bbs, signature, any websites as long as people can see it.

OK, till now, all your works done! no other works.
it is easy, isn't it?
the following is not your work, it just help you to understand it well.

The important thing is that the viewers come to the site from a link containing your affilate id, and then your affilate id is hidden and no difference is visible from the link, but your affilate id record will be saved and functional.
When people get to FFT website from your affilate link, once he buys a thing, you get 10% of his order amount.
And, every time a buyer gets to FFT website from your link, if he submits an order, no matter when he pays the order, you get 10% of his order amount after his payment.

Conditions for release of commission funds:
Wait 2 weeks until the buyer get the package and does not make any refund dispute.
(The probability of refund dispute is less than 0.1%.)

Two orders, that means 2 orders were paid. why ?
-In order to avoid someone joining FFT affiliate program to save 10% of the cost for his own order.

You can login the FFT affiliate program to trace your achievements.

FFT Affiliate Commission Rates?


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