Each one of us, every day, slowly aging, so do our bodies.
A silicone model will permanently save our wonderful figure, or part of the body.
we can NOT creat any silicone products that do not exit.
It should firstly exist, then we make a mold from it, and then we make silicoe things from the mold.
But we can adjust the postures and the colors.
1. for the nails color.

we buy fake toe nails and stick onto the toes, the nails color is pink with white color edge.
if the buyer like red nails, then we paint them into red.
if the buyer like purple nails, then we paint them into purple.
but, there are too many colors, we may not 100% satisfy all buyers need.
the best way is the buyer do the color by himself. it is not difficult work.

2. for the skin color.

Everyone's skin color is different, we manily have two skin color, one is white, another is tan dark. we can adjust the skin color for your special needs.
you know that we also have upgraded pro-Silicone-model, these are expensvive because we paid more attention on the skin colors.
the shape of the feet are all the same infact. We have workers who specialize in the art of oil painting handle skin coloration.

3. for the shape of the feet.

we can not change the shape of the feet, but we can change the postures of the toes and arch if we build in man-made foot bones in it.