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A professional store selling foot fetish toys and foot worship dolls, solid silicone leg and foot, girl's sexy feet worship doll replicas cloning foot.

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girl foot fetish

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girl foot fetish

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Worldwide Shipping!

EMS/UPS/FEDEX/TNT Shipping cost $15USD/pair short feet. For these countries: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, France...

Other country, Such as Brazil, Turkey and other South Africa Country, Mid East Countries need to be charged extra $25/pair short feet.

For the leg and body models, we will charge extra shipping fee according to the weight.

Please Note: the silicone models are not including shoes or stockings.

This is the best doll feet for a foot fetish man.

This is the best Commodity display models for shoes, socks, stockings...foot wears.

This is the best fake foot for anybody who need it.

the Foot model simulation is using a real people foot for the prototype.

Produced by mold technology. have Fully consistent with the real pin external shape and skin texture.....
Imitation with advanced non-toxic skin materials...

Let your imagination play. She brings you the thrill ,Enjoy them...

If you want to hold with a female foot in your arms! If you are a people who love beautiful feet! then this Foot model simulation Let your dreams come true!

Product upgrade

1. true skin color, pink soles of the feet, Ambiguous vein...
2. using pure silicone material. soft, solid, and healthy.
3 . No oil leakage, Not shrink..
4. The Foot skin can Pulling up,the same as real skin...
5. the Toenails are solid paste. you can easily add color with them if you like..
6. A variety of different hardness silicone mixed, Create a different feeling in different parts....

Catalog:  Foot fetish toys
Product ID:  Nala-foot-N2-1
Name:   foot fetish doll
Feet Size:   37
Price:   $198USD/pair
Detailed introduction
Wholesale Foot fetish toys with low price, high quality foot fetish doll silicone model.

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Brand: FFT
Model Number: Nala-foot-N2-1
Condition: 100% New healthy silicone
Main Color: skin color
Technology: Patented silicone technology
Hardness: soft, just like skin
Tenacity: just like real feet.

Why choose us? :

1) Factory direct sell and 100% original design
2) We have our own signed model and brand (FFT)
3) Absolute competitive price
4) We keep to update our design every month
5) Abundant stock and good productivity
6) Good after-sales service with 100% satisfaction
7) High quality guarantee
8) Best return and exchange policy
9) We have promotion activity almost every month, to return our regular customer

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