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A professional store selling foot fetish toys and foot worship dolls, solid silicone leg and foot, girl's sexy feet worship doll replicas cloning foot.

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A foot fetish toy is a detail copy of a girl s feet. the details means Skin texture and the pores of the skin. We are proud of the Silicone Model-making technology.
This is our patented technology.
Hollywood special effects makeup artist focus on the human face silicone model making technology, and we focus on the production of the feet, hands, legs.

Our Foot model texture is soft, touch the Silicone feet, you feels like real human skin.
Our professional color processing technology, sufficient model looks very realistic colors, pink soles, white skin, tender, really beautiful feet. Few people can tell them apart between real feet and the fake feet replicas model.

It can be used to display footwear products, also act as sex toys for foot fetish men, simply the best foot worship doll.

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Looking for Foot fetish toys? congratulate you! you got the right silicone foot model store! Please do not hesitate, because FFT's foot model and hands model are the best, and the quality is top ranked.

For education and teaching, trade show, or personal hobby collection, our silicone foot models are perfect.
Fingerprint, toes-print, hand lines, foot sole lines, all 100% real copy.

This is why many customers wholesale from us, and resell Foot fetish toys in their countries. We ensure 100% our Foot fetish toys good quality, touch the silicone foot fetish models, you just feel they are real feet, nobody know it is a fake feet, our technology make a replica foot to be a real body part. we accept return for free replacement, and we assume all costs. If you appreciate our services and products, please tell your friends, thank you!

You needn't pay too much money on that foot worship party, just buy a foot fetish toy, then you got the most beautiful girl's sexy feet, you can change stocking or pumps for her, enjoy your foot worship dolls !

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