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A professional store selling foot fetish toys and foot worship dolls, solid silicone leg and foot, girl's sexy feet worship doll replicas cloning foot.

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How to use a foot model?
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how to make a special model?
Can foot fetish man use it?
how to get a whole body ?

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How do I pay?

accept PayPal , western union, money gram, T.T BANK transfer.
go to the
Payment page to read the details.

Is there a charge for sales tax or any customs fee ?

In most cases, this kind of small-scale trade is free of taxes and fees, but it does not exclude the taxation of several countries such as Italy, Brazil, Cuba which randomly inspect parcels.

How will I be notified of my order status?

We contact our customers by email at various points of the order process. It is imperative the customer includes an email address on their order.
The first email is sent immediately after an order is submitted to confirm your order is in our system. The second is sent to confirm your measurement and shipping address. A shipping confirmation email will be sent when your order is shipped from our location and will include the tracking number.


Want to make your own silicone foot, legs or body?


First of all, to make your own silicone body parts cost much more money than to buy silicone products directly from us. However, if you insist to make your own products, then read the follows:

There are 2 ways to make silicone body parts.

One way, you come to our workroom, and we are in China.

2nd way, you make a special mold, and send to us. We will send you a video to teach you how to make the mold. Then we can make your things.


Please feel free to contact us.

You are always welcome!

Can I use credit card?

Yes, you can  use your credit card.
but we can not use credit card directly. we accept credit card via PAYPAL.
PAYPAL can protect both sides, and you can get a PAYPAL account easily, most online stores use PAYPAL.

How Can I get a smelly foot ?

Some people ask us to replicate the flavor and scent, we just try to help you  if you like this.
it is not difficult to get some girl's used socks and shoes, anything about her feet as long as there are some flavor you love to smell. put the socks or shoes on the silicone foot models, and it can absorb, infiltrated some scent. It is said there is special smell of perfume, consistent with these people 's preferences, worth a try.

Can I get a special foot model?

Yes, our silicone foot models are always changing for your special needs.
1, we can change the skin color as required, or you can pain the color as you like.
2, we can fix the toes-nails on the models, or you do that in your ways.
3, Some people prefer the toes in scrunched posture not the relaxed status. we did that work for this kind people. we put man-made bone in the foot model, so that the Ankle joint and Toe joints can be adjusted.
The effect of doing this is that the foot model can maintain a posture, like scrunched up, scrunched down, relaxed.

How can I check the status of my order?

We notify our customers by email at various points of the ordering process. We suggest referring to these emails first regarding your order status.

Can I see the foot models' girl face?

As to the face of the girls, I surely understand your feeling, you and me, we are the same kind men, I know this group people as much as i know myself, sorry.....
most girls do not want to share their photos on the internet, for some reasons you know...
I believe and can prove it, ugly girls do not have beautiful sexy feet.
nice feet belong to nice looking girls, :).

How to protect personal privacy?

we NEVER write any words about foot fetish or foot worship on the packages, nothing about foot.... we mark it as gift products.
We can send to any places according to your wishes, your company, or your friends, or just A POST OFFICE NEARBY YOU.
you will get a tracking number after we send the silicone foot, you track it, when it arrives at the post office, you can go and get it by yourself.

How long is shipping from your location to me?

Orders shipping from our location normally take 7 - 10 days for delivery. This may vary according to the Express Mail’s schedule. Note delivery may run faster than these time frames and the customer will be notified by the email shipping confirmation.

How do I contact Customer Service?

CONTACT US AT email: We will reply as soon as possible.


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