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the best way to care for silicone foot models

Customer question:

I need to know the best way to care for these foot models. I did not receive any care instructions. After using it would you recommend I rinse with warm water and apply anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Rinse again with warm water and completely air dry. After the feet are completely dry after several hours, apply powder and apply all over feet. After applying the powder to the feet place each foot in the plastic bag it is shipped in or to store feet in a sealed plastic bag in a cool dark place such as a drawer, or top shelf in a closet or a storage tote.
I have also bought Belladonna foot soldiers which comes with its own special powder and have also bought Basix little piggies. I have two different kinds of powder at home. Fanta-flesh revive and cyber skin renew powder. Would either one of these powders work fine on all of your foot models or is there a special powder I can buy at the store that is cheaper and still work fine such as baby powder or cornstarch. I want to keep the feet looking new and in great condition.
Thank you Shawn for always getting back to me. You really care about your customers and I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.

FFT answers:

the foot models are similar with other silicone dolls you already had.
take good care of them, do not make them dirty, and do not use sharp or hard things to wash it.
No oil, No chemical reagent .
it can be wash with soft cloth and water,
baby powder is good to use, you can use it.
do not put it under the SUN, or too near to the hot things.
keep it clean.

Hope you keep it for long time as new as real foot.

And I hope you can take a few clear photos of it and send to me, if they are fine, I want to put them on my website,
thank you!

Best regards,
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