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A foot fetish toy is all to me

 I have been very like a woman's feet, always hoped that one day can personally use my tongue to touch those charming Yu-zhi, the first time in my university, every day doing nothing, so I emptiness and loneliness, but also intensified my foot fetish thoughts. There are a class reunion, there are two girls drunk, hanging water to the hospital. Because class of boys much, only a dozen, I was a kind of drink drunk, so drink much, so let me monitor two boys and another escort, 2:00 when our cigarette finished, that two boys went together to go out looking for stores to buy cigarettes, I am the only one ward, a start I have not idea. Bored, inadvertently saw the two girls shoes. One is white sneakers, a child is brown leather shoes (do not know what professional name ...). Appeared in my mind to the idea of ​​smell, lying in bed watching two people, it should be asleep , bottle of water and 40% of nurses should also not ready to come on quietly moved to the bed near the window, the shoes gently messing with their feet, and then filled with regular shoes, put the shoes squatted positive, then looked up and confirmed it, that girl really slept outside, there is no sound, I smell a bit, the speed of the chair back, it let me down, and did not imagine the smell, and my desire to be picked up, I thought, is not a problem because it is leather, and only a hint of leather smell, so I playing the idea of ​​another pair of sneakers.


   I was very intense struggle, because that two people went to buy cigarettes because of an hour, and I was afraid back soon, so I think for five minutes or so, I thought of a good idea, I quietly go out to those two people to play the phone and asked to buy a cigarette Boo, I miss smoking, the boy said shops were closed, they are looking for Internet cafes, Internet cafes to open the door because this time only, but there are cafes selling cigarettes, and I a heart can rest assured. Hung up the phone, I went quietly back to the ward, walked slowly to another bed, crouched down, picked up the one with great expectations of sports shoes, did not imagine the smell, but I now do not care anymore , I thought, a rare action once, and I'll lick the insoles out a few times, thinking I would not lick scraps, but the reason quickly told me, NO. Although the two girls fell asleep, but some people sleep very light, let alone touch, sometimes they speak very drowsily awake. So I will give way. Back to the chair aftertaste just taste. Later found their own way is right, when I go to the nurse called for duty bottle, the nurse just changed the bottle, there is a girl on some stumbled woke up. It took more than one hour, then two boys came back, smoking and chatting we spent my life in this memorable evening.
    With this experience, I have been more eager to have access to the feet instead of shoes. I carefully studied, if you find a girlfriend, then certainly not, my high school girlfriend would rather give my body will not let me tinker with her feet, university high school girls like it, maybe someday they parted , scandal others know all about it. Junior last semester, I see hope. During that time I often go to bars to accompany roommate, he is the kind that likes to drink bubble MM, although not seen him bubble to before, but I think that if I go to the bar to find someone, then it will not be rejected even if it is a shame, At least I have the face to go to school. So I'll watch in the bar, and that bar is not in the evening that is fragmented a twenty individuals, campus was built in the suburbs, that place could not find any big bar. Bar has a stage, occasionally there will be a few woman show them up, but what is shilly-waist, but it is a good opportunity for me feet, I found a particularly attractive looks normal but the kind of foot, in the flower N more beer money to invite her to drink a few times, then slowly got to know, but I'm naturally introverted, did not dare mention. Later still my roommate bold, he directly about the woman to the hotel, and that woman agreed, although the day asshole roommate left me let me go back to one person, but I was very excited about the next day, after I asked roommate, roommates say that woman very open, so in my roommate turned to the next target, I was about her.
    I was very nervous, which makes her very happy, although she did not say, but I saw it, she went to take a bath when I had been thinking about how opening told her later so I showered, I do not feel say no chance, so I ventured with her. And imagined, as she refused, I would say, and is not afraid of shame, and went to ask her, in my Ruanmo under, she complained that the sentence today, really disappointed, they agreed. So I carefully picked up a foot over to the bed, gently licking the next toe. She has been in bed watching TV, no response. I am courageous, then feet from the toes to the soles of the feet, I have carefully cleaned a lot, feeling cool, and some scented shower gel should be left behind. Finally gently with his teeth biting a little crusty feet, she immediately said disgusting to stop my behavior. And then himself went to sleep. But how I could not sleep, has been playing phone, suddenly thought of her shoes and socks, I immediately excited again, gently over to the bed, took her shoes, I saw also filled her stockings.
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