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the girl beauty feet fetish history

The First pair foot I touched the girl beauty feet

I do not know when, I so love girls feet, Whenever I see beautiful feet, and emotionally, but modern social development is very fast, but like so alternative, really do not know how other people will see their it has been suppressed in this way, and finally one day, a pair of beautiful little feet Pengdao front of their own.

Remember that year or three days, a new turn to the girls in our class suddenly came to us, she said she called Yu Ying, her long, not very pretty, but height is not high, so I basically know their own classes to new students, but also did not take children seriously, but in a clean addition to a thorough understanding of her, which turned out to be understanding quarrel know, our school was generally necessary to clean-up once a month or so, this time I was arrangements and Yu Ying, a group, we were responsible for cleaning the windows, just my height, she is relatively short, so, the teacher wanted me to rub the relatively high girls Well no way, heavy or rely on boys ah! I go to fetch water, so I came back she had rubbed on, I do not say you how to wipe the water! she said no water can rub, I said you would not I, he said it was not! places I can not reach, so I will return here Cawan Or do you okay? Thus, her following rub, I rub the glass above, I lazily onto a stool, step on Heating, so wet under dry wiping, but did not take long, she shouted in the following, you rub the more friction dirty, very loud, out of all the students in laughing, I am a man of honor, by her say which by ah! I say you, I will not rub, I angrily quit, and then I jumped down, she said, I come, I come , she climbed up on the stool, which has pricey, she did not dare to rub on Heating, standing on a stool, but a little out of reach, then she did not know where the courage, about a foot in the stool back, and the other foot in the heating, suddenly, a flash of my peripheral vision, a pair of drain followed by sandals, wrapped inside a pair of white stockings, which under so I'm so excited, I used to immediately help seat by my spell ah! I said, I'm afraid you fall leaning on you! fact, I really want a good look at her feet, feet and the White Sox are in my eyes want to take her shoes off, after touch under her feet, slowly I went into a dream, when I woke up to God when she had finished with the mop, so I fell in love with her feet, and in order to my mind that "Daydream" and expand my own plans.

The implementation of the offensive in the third semester, students in our class are busy by the test, I was the only absent-minded thinking about her beauty feet in the north for about three months, you can see the beautiful women who wear sandals if you bad luck, catch a little cold this year, and one or two months, so in the summer time, I only saw she was wearing a pair of drain with sandals, so I decided to catch up with her, her socks off , and see her feet this way, I began to chase her, went to great lengths, I catch up with her, but when she promised and my office friends, I know she is a very conservative person, so if I can not close to her, not to mention, take off your shoes and socks, so I try to let her open it, through my efforts, I can finally her hand, and every day we stick together, from school to school, when the school late, every day I have to send her, so our feelings by leaps and bounds, and we both academic rewind and down ah! However, we do not care, but I know myself whether it is for ah! finally graduated, after such a long run-in, she told me 100% believe ah! I slowly fell in love with her, and then one day I asked her to go to my house to play, she actually did not refuse, also promised that we were alone, said that others, affect the atmosphere of the two of us together, so that day she came early, at nine o'clock to, I deliberately shoe brush up, I said I shoes dirty, are embarrassed to take out, put good shoes just brush with water to her, she did not pay much attention to what put off shoes, but she said: "Oh, did not do my socks get wet! "I said I am sorry I forgot to just wipe! I said no you off! drying will dry! looking at her white socks, I have some emotions! ah! see her beauty foot readiness to stay for a year! I told myself today must see! she said no, a little wet, not very wet! said that my family a little cold wearing wet socks bad for your health! she said nothing this move is not good for a move after her into my house, I will give her to pour into the house holding a cup I see her playing game!

I tell you water tell you something, I deliberately put the cups on the table, after open the drawer to get something, she put down does not play, watching what am I, then I took a diary , was about to open my pretend not careful, look at the glass was knocked over, only after the cup we were right on the feet, which we were socks are wet, I say we take off the socks together dry the next will dried up, this time she did not refuse me, I quickly put socks off, I said I can help you take off, she said no, she was embarrassed look on her face is a little red, a bit like those of the ancient conservative woman! but I forced! she finally Stick 'em to the front of me, I thought to myself I look forward to in a long time! really not easy! I slowly drained away her socks, I start off in half, I did her heels so tender, really excites me very, very slowly her a pair of beautiful little feet placed in front of me, I touched her shrink back! the nerve to say what a year's time he read it once touched it! but I felt so worth it, because that is the first pair I touched the feet.

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