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Foot fetish and related behaviors of justification

Foot fetish and related behaviors of justification
Men like beautiful women slaves to do for a reason, it is the starting point lies in a man's fascination for beauty Yuzu and worship. Beautiful feet, has many names: Yuzu, Hidetari, beauty foot, Xianzu more. Thus, the beauty of the foot is a beauty. His love of beauty is human nature ah Moreover, the beauty in the aesthetic beauty of Yuzu, he also joined the physiological needs. Therefore, the worship of beauty Yuzu consistent with human nature, so it is reasonable and normal. Beautiful feet so beautiful, even many girls are admired, not to mention a man do? Therefore, do not like, do not worship beauty foot man is not normal, because their behavior is a deviation from human nature. Therefore, foot fetish men do not like pretty girls because they felt his feet lowly, completely without think so. In fact, foot fetish who have a large number of highly qualified persons of higher status. Foot fetish is not inferior, but not cheesy, but a reasonable behavior.
Because like the feet of a beautiful girl, so men love staring at a beautiful girl's feet look. Whenever the summer, when pretty girls wear sandals when men are staring at their feet look, his eyes full of desire feelings. Even if the other seasons, pretty girls feet are not exposed, men are staring at their shoes look. Colorful, all kinds of beautiful shoes enough to make a man dreams. Living in a big city has the advantage that you can often see beautiful woman feet; in small cities and rural areas no this a treat. However, due to foot fetish is not accepted by mainstream society, so under normal circumstances, when watching a beautiful girl feet only peek. Her fear of being discovered, fear of being discovered, afraid of her (him) say their cheap. Therefore, men foot fetish difficult subject, want to see can not be fair and square. Not these men do not want to, but for mainstream society discrimination. In this case, there have been photographed - Toupai beautiful girl's feet and footwear.

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