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A foot fetish toy is all to me

 I have been very like a woman's feet, always hoped that one day can personally use my tongue to touch those charming Yu-zhi, the first time in my university, every day doing nothing, so I emptiness and loneliness, but also intensified my foot fetish thoughts. There are a class reunion, there are two girls drunk, hanging water to the hospital. Because class of boys much, only a dozen, I was a kind of drink drunk, so drink much, so let me monitor two boys and another escort, 2:00 when our cigarette finished, that two boys went together to go out looking for stores to buy cigarettes, I am the only one ward, a start I have not idea. Bored, inadvertently saw the two girls shoes. One is white sneakers, a child is brown leather shoes (do not know what professional name ...). Appeared in my mind to the idea of ​​smell, lying in bed watching two people, it should be asleep , bottle of water and 40% of nurses should also not ready to come on quietly moved to the bed near the window, the shoes gently messing with their feet, and then filled with regular shoes, put the shoes squatted positive, then looked up and confirmed it, that girl really slept outside, there is no sound, I smell a bit, the speed of the chair back, it let me down, and did not imagine the smell, and my desire to be picked up, I thought, is not a problem because it is leather, and only a hint of leather smell, so I playing the idea of ​​another pair of sneakers.


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