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the best way to care for silicone foot models

Customer question:

I need to know the best way to care for these foot models. I did not receive any care instructions. After using it would you recommend I rinse with warm water and apply anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Rinse again with warm water and completely air dry. After the feet are completely dry after several hours, apply powder and apply all over feet. After applying the powder to the feet place each foot in the plastic bag it is shipped in or to store feet in a sealed plastic bag in a cool dark place such as a drawer, or top shelf in a closet or a storage tote.

the girl beauty feet fetish history

The First pair foot I touched the girl beauty feet

I do not know when, I so love girls feet, Whenever I see beautiful feet, and emotionally, but modern social development is very fast, but like so alternative, really do not know how other people will see their it has been suppressed in this way, and finally one day, a pair of beautiful little feet Pengdao front of their own.


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