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 it is not easy to find our website.

we have high quality silicone products, but in fact many people do not know how to find us. the first question is that how to name the silicone products. some people call it foot fetish toys , some call it foot worship dolls, but different people have different attitudes, some are foot fetish guys and some are leg fetish guys. so the names can be foot fetish toys, foot worship dolls, leg fetish toys, and footjob toys, they are the same things, they are human body parts, foot and legs, or hips. Is there one word to name it?  not exist. this is the problem.


French forum talking about us

realism is amazing, this is already seen him, and you have to see the dolls also make up custom, I saw it a while, and I swear that the real scares are, that's why the issue of what it expensive they are, are made of quality materials and ensure not only be very realistic if not also the touch are very real, at least when I saw the pictures and demonstration videos as you can mount and order them to your liking freaked


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