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The Realistic silicone foot model maintenance

The Realistic silicone foot model maintenance
   Silicone foot fetish toys can be washed using pole available detergent, be careful not to use a hard scrub brush, so as not to damage the surface texture of the skin of the foot mold, not long-term placement on the above, or the weight of the hard edges, to avoid oppression concave marks, do not touch the ink dyes and sharp objects. do not bake, away from sources of ignition.

how do people find foot fetish toys?

Most people find our foot fetish toys using the following keywords, thye search on google, and turn to our pages.

the most popular keywords is foot fetish toys

I write this passage to let all people who are foot fetish guys know how to find our website.

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A french foot fetish forum talking about our foot fetish toys

[ I am sorry that i can not read French, so this ariticle was translated using google, hope you can read it, if you know french, you can go to the french foot fetish forum , and URL is at the bottom of this passage. ] 

Personally, I prefer to stir up a model of super silicone realistic from a real woman who lent to his feet as model photos before excite me foot on a computer screen I intend to buy more, because the idea that I have pretty feet another woman is exciting. Here are some pictures of the model I bought. Hoping you have helped. A +

these photos are from the french forum, it is so good view, i thought it is a real lady foot, but it is not, it is our silicone foot models, our foot fetish toys !

a piece of feedback from an African buyer

 I received an email from a customer from African, the emails is as following:


Hi Shawn,




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